Trans People Walk Against Rape


6th Annual Walk Against Rape

San Francisco, California

Trans People Walk Against Rape

Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 11 men will be raped in their lifetimes, and it is estimated that less than 20% or rapes are reported to the police.


There are very few statistics available for the rate of rape among transgender individuals.  One small study showed that 13.7% of transgender respondents had experienced rape or attempted rape.  Another study shows that 50% of transgender respondents had been raped or assaulted by a romantic partner — and among all groups of people sexual violence is a common form of intimate partner violence.


Statistics for rates of sexual violence among cisgendered people are easy to find, even though they are rarely taken seriously. Sexism, victim-blaming, disbelief, shaming, and various other negative stigmas hurt all victims of rape. When you add transphobia to the mix, it only gets uglier.

Trans people are even less likely to trust the police enough to make a report, and have even more reason for that distrust.

Trans women are often barred from rape crises centers and domestic violence shelters that serve all other women, shunned and denied help by the very people who are supposedly so dedicated to helping survivors.

Trans people who are open about being survivors of sexual violence are often told that being raped and/or abused "made us trans."

We are often erased from discourse about sexual violence. We are made a low priority or ignored.

SFWAR is a fantastic organization that helped me immensely in my own healing process and especially in the difficult decision to report my rape to the police. For the most part they are a trans aware organization, but I would love to see a much stronger trans presence at the Walk Against Rape and I'm sure SFWAR would too.

Please help me raise funds for SFWAR while increasing the representation and visibility of trans surviviors. If you can't donate, please consider walking with me anyway.

See you on the street!


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