Help Families Manage Asthma at Home

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Help Families Manage Asthma at Home

Use a smartphone to measure the triggers for asthma at home or school! With your support, we can literally put this power in a parent’s hands. Asthma attacks, especially in kids, are frightening, because they are unpredictable and potentially life-threatening. Doctors now know that for children with asthma, bad air pollution outside isn’t most likely to cause an asthma attack—it’s air particles indoors, including cigarette smoke, dust, and even smoke from cooking. Our researchers are working to put the power to predict attacks into a parent’s hands. Using smartphone technology, our researchers will give parents the ability to monitor air particles at home or school and will collect data to determine the point at which indoor air quality begins to negatively affect a patient’s lung capacity. Doctors will then be able to develop an early warning system to allow families to understand environmental triggers and how to avoid them. Once the level of air particles is established, a family can take preventive steps to reduce the amount of particulates, which in turn will reduce the likelihood of triggering the child’s asthma symptoms. Your support will directly fund the equipment, resources, and personnel to run the asthma air quality study. If the project is successful, we will help families prevent the onset of life-threatening asthma attacks and benefit the lives of children around the world.




$25 or more

An IMPACT DC magnet!

$50 or more

An invitation to "demo day" when the prototype is presented at Children's National

$500 or more

A personal tour of the Emergency Department at Children's National and the IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic hosted by Dr. Teach


Invitations to attend signature events to meet hospital physicians, researchers, and other leading donors; Updates about hospital initiatives and research discoveries

$5,000 or more

All $1,000 donor benefits plus:

A personal tour of the Emergency Department at Children's National and the IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic hosted by Dr. Teach and a personal tour of the Sheikh Zayed Institute hosted by Dr. Cleary

$10,000 or more

All $5,000 benefits plus:

Personal lunch with Drs. Cleary, Horn, and Teach in honor of the donor and a full tour of Children's National


This project is part of a new crowdfunding initiative to support research at Children’s National Medical Center, one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals and pediatric research centers. Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for people to support causes and projects they care about through online giving. People are able to make small or large donations to support projects like the one featured on this page.

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Children’s National Medical Center does not guarantee or warrant actual outcomes for this project. The results of any research project may turn out to be unfeasible or no longer desirable because of unexpected issues. If for any reason the project cannot continue as planned—or if the project raises more than its established fundraising goal—Children’s National will make every attempt to apply the funds to support an initiative with a similar purpose to benefit a similar target audience. If it is not possible to reassign resources to a similar initiative, Children’s National will determine the most appropriate manner to use the funds raised.

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