Cynthia Murphy's Page TEAM ATTICUS!


20th Annual Walk With The Animals, St. Paw-tricks Day!

Riverside, California

Cynthia Murphy's Page TEAM ATTICUS!

Hey everybody! Thanks for visiting my fundraising page!

On March 17th Sean and I are going to participate in the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center's 20th Annual St. Patricks Day Doggie Walk-a-thon. We should be drinking green beer and eating corned beef on this festive occasion, but instead we are getting up at the crack of dawn to participate in this fundraiser and here's why:

Last year we adopted a female german shepard pup from MSRPAC. She and her siblings were being cared for by a homeless woman in Fairmount Park in downtown Riverside. The woman said that the puppies' mother had been hit by a car on nearby Market Street. The pups were only 3 weeks old, and by all accounts should have died. Thankfully all were spared...

With care and support from MSRPAC, our dog ATTICUS is a healthy, biting, bee chasing, yard digging, couch napping, face licking pain in the butt.... but we love her anyway. However care and support ain't cheap! So please donate whatever you can.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. But I'm old fashioned and also accept good ol' american greenbacks!



P.S. Sean doesn't know yet that he has been 'mandatory volunteered' for this.... Oops!


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