Audrey Moorehead's Fundraising Page

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Audrey Moorehead's Fundraising Page

Audrey Moorehead's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- If you donate $50 or more to my page, I will send you a photo of me in the nude with my cast, autographed if you wish. If you have already donated a little, add a little more for the photo. Such a deal!

     60's stylist, designer, and DJ over 20 years, I also have a jazz radio series called Pretty World on Live spinning consists of an eclectic mix of fine vintage music. Currently I am an interior designer and sell vintage wares in antique malls. I am passionate about collecting and promoting Sixties music, furniture, and clothing especially topless bathing suit designer Rudi Gernreich.

     I was thrilled when Baby Doe from Tiki Oasis asked me to be cast, what an honor and to paired with artist extraordinaire Derek Yaniger for painting my cast and I really hope that I able to raise enough money to “keep-my-breasts” but more importantly raise awareness and accentuate that “prevention is the cure”. The Keep A Breast people work so hard to save lives so if you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to raise money, please do and you will have my deepest gratitude!

The things I hold dearest are life and my dogs Benjamin and Bruno, above all us they mean the world to me. During my battle with Breast Cancer, my dear Benjamin helped me through my battle with breast cancer he never left my side. Now we have peace and I do not give the disease reason to come back and inconvenience us again. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence and I am living proof! By surrounding myself with beautiful friends and things I love, the happiness I feel seems to keep the cancer at bay but some are not so fortunate. We need your donations to raise awareness!  Cancer is not a discriminatory disease, it HATES everyone and nobody is safe!

Having gone through the experience, I am in full support  this campaign -beautifully painted artisan breast casts—I’ll take them over marathon walks and pink ribbons any day! “Cancer is an all consuming evil beast if you let it. Should it come back, I will wield a larger sword and slay it once more! So please help me help others by donating today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


About my artist - Derek Yaniger

Derek Yaniger is a toothless hillbilly. Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, he was raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezins. Derek still resides in the south, in Atlanta, Georgia.

These days, when he's not runnin' shine with his pappy, he's paintin' purty pictures for big bucks, (like all the Tiki Oasis artwork!) Over the past 18 years he's worked for such high-falootin' clients as Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. Nowadays, Derek's illustration style, reminiscent of cocktail napkin art of the 50's, can be seen in such magazines as Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe.

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Audrey Moorehead's Fundraising Page
Switched On Audrey and her breast cast