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Ramah Galil Ride 2011

Galil, Israel, 

Avi Beinhacker's Fundraising Page

Dear friends and family-

This past year my father turned 70. My brother and I were talking about how we could do something unique for this special occasion. We've taken family vacations together, but never a "boys" vacation, so we thought of a wondeful experience.....a 250 mile charity bike ride in Israel this May for the three Beinhacker men.

The sponsor for the ride is Camp Ramah, a national organization that runs summer camps for Jewish youth throughout the United States. The proceeds for this event will be used to support programs at Ramah camps across the US. The majority of the funds will be used to provide scholarship support to families with special needs who require financial assistance for their children to attend and experience a nurturing and stimulating camp experience. Additional funds will be used to develop a training program for staff working with these special children.

Our family has been associated with Camp Ramah for over 40 years. My father was originally a camp director for the summer program run by the United Synagogue Youth. Later in life, he took on the role of camp director for the full-time summer program in the Berkshires, MA. My brother and I have also spent many many summers at the camp in our youth and found it to be a fantastic experience.

With 3 children of my own, I know first hand how important it is to give a child the opportunity to have experiences like this. If you feel the same, please donate to this very worthwhile fundraising event.

Additional details about the bike ride can be found on the ride website at ramahbikeride.org. Donating through this website is very simple, fast, and easy, and is the best way to support the efforts.


Thank you for your time, interest, and consideration


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