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Bairon Rivas's Page

Having the opportunity to create change in a child’s life is what I live for. In Citizen Schools we bring students together to extend learning time within their day for extra academic support and enrichment, which is one of the best investments towards their future. At this time, I’d love for you to be part of that investment.


Working for Citizen Schools has introduced me to a group of eighth graders who have shown nothing but leadership towards their academic future. We have Zorey, Ashley and Gemaima that love to debate about various topics and be outspoken. This spark can one day lead them to become lawyers, and we can help them realize this possibility. We have Wali, who tries so hard to fit in, but is special in his own way. His creativity will lead him to be one of the best artists for his generation. These are just few examples of my students who have impacted and excited me for these last couple of months. These are just few shining moments that my students demonstrate in their daily lives.


Anybody and everybody can make a change in their own way. As individuals, we are able to create change; as a team, we are able to create dreams! That’s why I am asking you to give a gift today. And you can do it right now, on this site! Any investment that you can contribute at this time will go along way for the investment of our students. Every dollar contributed means another field trip, special snack, materials needed and much more.


Thank you, in advance, for your support.


Bairon E. Rivas

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