Barb & Andy Stephens' Fundraising Page


2010 Walk for Life

Ocala, Florida

Barb & Andy Stephens' Fundraising Page

Dear Friends & Family:

Hello once again!  I am privileged to be able to come to those who are dear to me on behalf of the Women's Pregnancy Center.   Many of you know that what started out as a diversion for me when the guys left for college has become my  passion!  Working full time at the center now, I am blessed day after day to see God at work - changing the hearts and minds of young women, enabling them to choose life for their unborn children!   I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing at the WPC! 

 We need your help!  As a non-profit Christian ministry, WPC is entirely supported through donations.  You can make a difference by sponsoring me in our 7th Annual Walk for Life!  Each year, we serve more than 3,000 women through free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, life-affirming counseling, and compassionate care.  More than 90% of our clients choose life for their unintended pregnancy!

I know there are lots of worthy causes out there.  I also know that times are tight for so many people right now.  I'm just asking that you prayerfully consider supporting the WPC in our quest to share the love of Jesus with women who are lost and hurting and to save the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.  If each of my pro-life friends were to give just $10, I would only need 100 people in order to reach my goal!  Of course ... feel free to give more if you'd like!!!

In HIS love, 

            Barb (and Andy, too!)























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Barb & Andy Stephens' Fundraising Page
My Mom chose life at the WPC!