Alexander's Angels 5th Long Island Buddy Walk


Alexander's Angels 5th Long Island Buddy Walk

East Meadow, New York

Alexander's Angels 5th Long Island Buddy Walk

Hello Everyone,
It's that time again for Alexander's Angels 5th Long Island Buddy Walk.

SITE: Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY
DATE: October 1st. 2011
TIME: 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
1-mile walk (3-mile challenge) at 12 noon

Last year we had a great turn out at the Buddy Walk. Our team, Francesca’s Dreams, raised $5,970. We know that with the support of our family and friends, this year’s Walk will be just as successful.

Francesca has continued to amaze us. She did wonderful in her integrated class - being one out of the only 2 children with Down Syndrome in her class. She enjoyed playing with her classmates, making arts and crafts, matching, learning her colors, recognizing her name, identifying objects and it's use, listening to books being read, dancing & singing with her friends and so much more. This past June, Francesca graduated from ACDS (Association for Children with Down Syndrome). Everyday the children practiced for their graduation ceremony. And all that practice really paid off. They were all amazing. They sang songs and did dance steps. All the graduating children should be very proud of themselves, because I know that every parent, family member, friend and teacher there were very proud of them.

Francesca will be starting Kindergarten in September.  We are all very excited to see all the wonderful things she will learn at her new school.

With all the fun Francesca had this year, it was also a tough one at times. This July Francesca had knee surgery to realign/fix her dislocated patella. And even with the pain and the splint - nothing stopped her from getting up and walking around 2 days after the surgery. She definitely is a trooper. With all the walking around Francesca did, she did irritate her incision a bit (the doctor didn't realize that when he said "let her weight bear to tolerate" - that she could tolerate quite a bit). On our post-op visit, the doctor had to cast her full leg (including foot) so that she wouldn't irritate the incision anymore. It was frustrating for Francesca at first, since she was no longer able to walk around but Francesca is doing well. The cast will be off before the end of August and then she can start rehab. We know that she will do great and that she will be running around after her big brother before she knows it.

Francesca also got some very excited news this year - Francesca is going to be a BIG SISTER!!! We know that she will be the best big sister in the world. Francesca will act more like a little mommy to the new baby than a sister. It will be fun to watch.

We hope that you will sponsor us in our walk to raise awareness to better the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome. One of the beneficiaries of the LI Buddy Walk will be ACDS (Association for Children with Down Syndrome), which is the school Francesca has attended since she was 18 months old.
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Barbara Tomassi-Sottile

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