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Janet's Love Lives on

In memory of Janet Palasik

Janet's Love Lives on

This time last year, February 4th,  was our mom's (Janet Palasik) Birthday. She turned 48. We would have never in a million years thought that it would be the very last Birthday we spent with her. As many of you are aware, she was wrongfully taken from us on November 4th, 2012. We remember her Birthday so clearly, as it was one of my last and most fondest memories of her. My sister, Jess, and my mom met me at Hamilton Bakery, where I had a sunflower red velvet cake and coffee waiting to celebrate. I had told mom before that Saturday, that we were going to take her to get a cat for her Birthday. I still have and cherished the text message I sent her telling her  what her present was. She replied "Yay crying so hard can't see to text." She was so excited.

After the bakery,we drove to BARCS animal shelter. After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally went in to see the cats. We looked in every cage until finally, she knew she found the one. Her name, deemed by BARCS, was Fluffernut... We had a good laugh about that. She was a long haired black and white cat with bright green eyes. Mom never got over Bobby,our long time family cat who had to be put to sleep after seventeen long and happy years. Both Jess and I knew that mom had been talking about getting another pet for some time. 

Those who knew my mom well, knew how much she loved and spoiled that cat, renamed Gracie. From the diamond collar to being nursed back to health from a kennel cough. Jess and my dad still baby Gracie, as they know mom would not have it any other way. This year, we wanted to honor her memory and love for animals, among so many other things in life, by donating to BARCS shelter in her name. I can remember the very first pet we ever had, Shadow. We lost her to feline leukemia. Then there was my Christmas present when I was about six. Mom came home from the grocery store,Value Food, with Bobby. He had a bow tied on him and he came running down the living room. He was a great cat and a big part of our family. Then there was that time mom randomly came home with a bunny, Malibu. I think she may have got it from the Pennysaver, but she didnt tell anyone she was getting her. From fish to guinea pigs, Janet cared for so many things including her daycare babies, friends, and family.

Please consider contiuing on Janet's caring nature and making a donation to BARCS animal shelter in her honor.

Thank you


Mandy & Jess


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Janet's Love Lives on
February 4th, 2012