Erin Barnett's Fundraising Page


Erin Barnett's Fundraising Page

Erin Barnett's Fundraising Page

Occupation:  WVLT Morning News Anchor

Age:  26

What is your dance experience?  The movie Dirty Dancing was filmed in my hometown.  Does that give me any points for experience?  I guess not.  Although I was a cheerleader for most of my life, my friends tell me my dance moves are embarrassing.  I agree for the most part, but that doesn't stop me from breaking out a move every now and then on Local 8 News This Morning with the real dancing pro, my co-anchor, Marco Villarreal.

Why are you doing this event?  It's all about the children!  I grew up in a big family, so I know the importance of having resources like Children's Hospital.  It hits close to home for me and I am honored to have this opportunity to have a little fun and help other families at the same time.

Why should people vote for you?  I would love to have your vote.  I can't promise a stellar performance, but I promise it will be entertaining to say the least.

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Erin Barnett's Fundraising Page
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