I'm walking for farm animals so you can sleep in!


2010 Walk For Farm Animals--Sacramento

Sacramento, California
Training buddies Cali Vrooman

I'm walking for farm animals so you can sleep in!

Hello friends!

  Although I try not to be a preachy vegan, every once in awhile I have to go public. I'm joining Sacramento's Walk for Farm Animals at the State Capitol on October 9 to raise money for Farm Sanctuary. If you haven't been there, Farm Sanctuary is this amazing acreage about two hours from Sacramento, where rescued farm animals live out their lives cared for by volunteers. The pigs and cows grow to jurassic sizes and they are so friendly. It is one of my favorite places to go.

  Besides making a happy farm, Farm Sanctuary is one of the most active animal rights organizations in the country. They are constantly working to ban cruel practices like veal crates, and dangerous ones like overuse of antibiotics and unsafe dumping of animal waste, through political intiatives and legal action.

  Even if you're perfectly content eating meat, the farm industry is still something you should pay attention to. The environmental and health ramifications of the factory farming system affect all of us - the health of our ground water, the reliability of our antibiotics, the cleanliness of our food. Farm Sanctuary does more than any organization I know to hold the farming industry accountable for their practices, which is why I'll be walking for them.

  If you'd like to support their efforts, come join me for the walk, make a donation on this page, or read more at www.farmsanctuary.org.

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I'm walking for farm animals so you can sleep in!
No farm animals to pose with, only cats