Rosie's Page


Rosie's Page

Rosie's Page

Rosie is an adorable 2 y/o chihuahua who has been mistreated horribly.  She's been overbred and she lost most of her hair because she could not support puppies and growing hair.  She has already had two litters in her short life.  She also has two luxating patellas that will need operated on and she needs spayed.  As you can see, she is nothing but skin and bones, weighing in at 4 lbs ( she's supposed to be 6-7 lbs ).  Please help us get Rosie on the road to recovery so she can live a normal, happy life.  


**UPDATE**  Rosie has started to slowly gain weight and is on the road to recovery.  We're still a long way from our goal though.


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