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Watertown Polar Plunge 2012

Watertown, South Dakota

Beth Lalim's Page

It is that time again...the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics! Year 3, and I will be helping to organize and jump again. Please help me raise money for this GREAT organization. 

This year Watertown got the privilage to host the 1st Young Athletes Program in South Dakota. This program is for kids ages 2-7 with disablities. This is extra near and dear to my heart as it has helped get my friend, Hudson, be able to get involved earlier than he would have been able to in the past. This is due in part by funds raised in previous plunges. By donating to the Polar Plunge not only will you be helping our Watertown and SD athletes but also helping to add to our Young Athletes Program and other great things like it! 


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