Beth's Boston Marathon Fundraising Page for BWH


Boston Marathon 2009

Boston, Massachusetts

Beth's Boston Marathon Fundraising Page for BWH

I finished!

Yesterday, I ran my heart out and gave it everything I had. I finished in 4:04 - it wasn't a personal best, but certainly my best time on that course (I ran a 4:57 in Boston 2004).

BECAUSE OF YOU - this was my most memorable and favorite journey to the finish line because you helped me raise money and awareness for a great nonprofit. Each training run and every step of my journey from Hopkinton to Boston was purposeful.

During the race when I hurt (especially around mile 23) and wanted to stop, I thought about the people who will benefit from your generous donations - all of a sudden, running  seemed so easy compared to the hardship these folks feel every day.

Thank you for supporting the work Brigham and Women's Hospital does and for making my day even more special. 


Beth :)

PS - I'm still collecting donations, if you'd like to give or know someone who might like to, please send them my fundraising page.


I’m lucky to have my health and a wonderful family and friends that support me. Especially in these tough financial times, I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat.

But what if I didn’t’? Who could I turn to?

For many people in the Boston-area they rely on the many services Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) provides. That’s why I chose to run the Boston Marathon in support of this wonderful charity.

Your support for BWH is important to me because the funds we raise go directly back into the Boston community - improving the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Specifically, your donations will aid

  • Programs for domestic violence victims
  • Compassionate services for women with breast cancer
  • Programs for young people interested in health care jobs
  • Support for community health centers

This April as I toe the line of my 9th marathon, I'll celebrate my health and love of running. Please help me and BWH reach our goals by making a donation to my fundraising page - this is a team effort, I can't do this without you!

Thank you for your support and please pass this page onto anyone who might like to donate.


PS - Follow my training and fundraising journey on my blog


Thank you to Intuit Foundation's matching gift of $30

This page is no longer accepting donations
Beth's Boston Marathon Fundraising Page for BWH
At the 2009 Boston Marathon finish line