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Families in the Forest Walk & FUNraiser - Bay Area 2011

Fremont, California

Beth Young's Fundraising Page

Hello to all our family and friends!

This is our family's 3rd year fundraising for The Diabetic Youth Foundation (DYF). This year will be our 2nd year on the committee for their annual Families in the Forest Walk which raises funds for Bearskin Meadow Camp.  Many of you have heard our stories from the 5 years we went to camp and the many years Chris has attended Kids Camp.  There are no words to describe how our visits to camp have improved our ability to help Chris manage his diabetes as well as help him gain his independence in learning to manage on his own. 

To put it simply, camp changes you. It helps you realize you are not alone in your efforts to give your child a normal life.  It gives you the opportunity to laugh, cry, share, and learn.  It is thanks to Jim's parents that we finally attended camp 5 years after Chris was diagnosed.  I didn't want to go - I felt that I didn't NEED to go.  But I was wrong.  I needed more than anything to share MY story and listen to others tell theirs.  I needed to know that Chris was going to be okay now and in the future.  To know he HAD a future that we could look forward to.  Bearskin Meadow Camp did that for us.  And now it is our turn to help others experience the Bearskin Magic. 

We lovingly ask you to join us as we raise money to support the DYF so more diabetic children and their families can attend camp or participate in the other year-round programs offered by the DYF.  You can make a donation or you can join us at this year's walk which is on May 1, 2011.

Any amount you can give will help.  The last two years, the DYF has lost some of the big grants that have been given in years past so they are very much in need.  We know you have many other worthy causes to support so we ask you to consider the DYF if your plans for this year if possible.

Once again we thank you and will keep you in our prayers.

Beth, Jim, Christopher and Scott Young

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Beth Young's Fundraising Page
Chris & Jeremy at Kids Camp 2010