DRINK-A-THON for Blood:Water Mission


DRINK-A-THON for Blood:Water Mission

DRINK-A-THON for Blood:Water Mission

How many glasses of CLEAN WATER do you drink in a day?  How many will you drink on Friday?

Did you know that $1 provides one year of clean water for one African?

This Friday, click here to donate $1 for each glass of clean water you drink to support the 1000 WELLS project in sub-Saharan Africa.  You can do it with your credit card!

Blood:Water Mission is partnering with groups and individuals to empower Africans to build healthier communities through sustainable clean blood and clean water solutions, while developing social responsibility in the U.S. through initiatives that provoke personal engagement and ownership.

The 1000 Wells Project is building 1000 wells and clean water projects in 1000 African communities. Businesses, churches, schools, artists and individuals are collecting funds so they can sponsor the construction of wells in Africa. In the process, they are learning about how HIV/AIDS affects African communities, and what it means to partner humbly with communities to pursue transformation.

Experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day. . . happy drinking!

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DRINK-A-THON for Blood:Water Mission