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2012 SUPER Plunge

Lake Michigan, Illinois

Bill Devine's Page

Once again it that time of year for me to brave the cold, murky waters of Lake Michigan and participate in the LETR "Super Polar Plunge".  Like last year I will be jumping into the frozen waters of Lake Michigan every hour on the hour for 24 consecutive hours in an attempt to raise not only money but also awareness for Special Olympics Illinois.  "Yes" its cold, "Yes" I only wear a regular swim suit and "No" I don't get use to the cold water.  The thing that does keep me going back in the water is knowing that I'm raising money for the athletes of Special Olympics Illinois.  That thought and knowing that you are truly helping people who appreciate and believe in what you do makes any discomfort worthwhile.

Now what I need is for people like yourself to join my "Plunge Team".  I agree to do the plunge if you will agree to support my effort.  You can join my team and support my effort by simply making a monetary donation via this secure web site.  All donations, both large and small are greatly appreciated.  My personal goal is to raise over $10,000.00 this year!!!!!

On behalf of the over 26000 athletes I thank you for your time and assistance.



P.S. Tell your friends and family about this site.  Please encourage them to help me reach my goal.


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