Running for Cover 2012


2012 Boston Marathon ® Running for Cover Team

Running for Cover 2012

Hi Everyone!

I can't begin to thank you enough for your support and encouragement as I train to fulfill a life-long dream of running the Boston Marathon!  I'm also thrilled to be running on behalf of the Melanoma Foundation of New England as part of their Running For Cover team to help fund their on-going support groups and awareness campaigns against this deadly disease. All of your donations are tax-deductible and will be MOST graciously appreciated!

While I am extremely fortunate to have not been touched personally by melanoma, a dear colleague of my wife lost his battle with melanoma in September 2010.  Dan Fleming was a life-long educator, a leader, and a positive force for good in the field of education.  He touched the lives of all who came in contact with him and made us all want to be better teachers.  He committed his life to education - always with an emphasis on making lasting, personal connections with students and colleagues alike.  That is how I came to know him, and was truly saddened at the loss of one whose mission was clearly not finished.  In his honor, I will be running this marathon, and will continue to try to make the positive impact through my teaching as Dan did through his.

While any and all (tax-deductible!) donations are welcome, the marathon is an athletic event, so it made me think of the Olympics....therefore, I've developed the following donation levels:

BRONZE ($26.20-49.99) - simply put, $1.00 per mile of the Boston Marathon.  For about the same (or less!) than 2 tickets to the movies, you can acheive medalist status in supporting my efforts for the Melanoma Foundation of New England.  If you're inspired to give more, fantastic!  Remember, all donations are tax-deductible and we all want to save on taxes!

SILVER ($50.00-99.99) - ok, so now we're focused on training, as I'll be running somewhere between 500 and 700 miles over the next 6 months to get ready for that glorious April morning.  For less than the true cost of a movie night (parking, tickets, candy, popcorn, sodas, etc...), you can mount the (tax-deductible) donation podium for only $0.10 per training mile, snug and warm behind your keyboard while I'm out there trying not to end up in a snow bank!

GOLD ($100.00 and up!) - you are true, Olympian-level donors!  For less than the cost of a decent night out on the town (you know, dinner and a show....that sort of thing....a real "date night"!), you can support my efforts, honor Dan's memory, and help a truly great cause.

Did I mention your donations are tax-deductible?

So come on, go for the gold!!!! 

Again, ANY donation is, and will be welcomed.  I just thought getting a virtual medal for your efforts might be nice.....I mean, who doesn't like getting a medal?  :>)

I've also created a blog to chronicle my training can find it at:


See you at the finish line! 



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