Sink Your $$$ into the BPP


Sink Your $$$ into the BPP

Sink Your $$$ into the BPP

--- A Fundraiser to Renovate the Ladies’ Lounge at the BPP ---

It’s no April Fool’s joke!  On April 1, 2011, we are hosting a fundraising party called, Sink Your $$$ into the BPP, at the Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP).

In late 2010, the men’s restrooms at the BPP received beautiful, modern updates, including sinks that flow like waterfalls. The ladies’ lounge received very little love. The initial response was outrage, then innovation! Why not raise money to raise the status of the ladies’ lounge from drab to fab? we asked. Our fundraising goal for this event is $1,041.11.  When we have reached our goal, the ladies lounge will showcase new modern sinks!

The party will be a fundraiser like no other! Fun, games, entertainment, and perhaps some surprises!  There will be multiple opportunities to donate on the night of the fundraiser.  However, if you are unable to attend, or wish to donate ahead of time, you can do so right here! 

A flood starts with one raindrop from the sky, a waterfall starts with one small stream of water cascading over a cliff, and funds for beautiful new sinks in the BPP ladies’ lounge start with a single dollar contributed.  In that spirit, consider giving at the following levels:

First Drop:           $25.00
Steady Stream:     $50.00
Rolling River:       $75.00
Wild Waterfall:    $100.00

We hope everyone will be able to contribute at least $25.  All funds raised through this event will go to support the work of the Bloomington Playwrights Project, a professional not-for-profit theatre that produces new plays of local and select national playwrights. Bloomington Playwrights Project provides opportunities for generating educational collaborations and producing and supporting new and established playwrights.  For more information on the BPP, and for additional ways to support this important work, visit the BPP website:

[Our fundraising target is $1,041.11 (that's $1,000 + $ in the form of 4/1/11, the date of the event -- pretty clever, eh?]


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Sink Your $$$ into the BPP
The new fab Ladies Room sinks!nk