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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2012

Tacoma, Washington

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The Purpose for the Event

Thank you for visiting my Fundraising Page and do know that donating through this site is simple, fast, and totally secure.  The focus of this organization is to help those who are in need by understanding their situation, helping them see what options are available, and then being there as they move through their situation to reclaim their lives.  Basiclly it is about helping them bring choice back into their lives. 

It feels strange, as a guy, to walk down city streets in heels (and sidewalks are way more treacherous than I ever knew), but to know that I and those around me are doing something to make a difference feels great. Please forward this to anyone who you think would be willing to support the effort by being on the walk or donating to our team.

My personal reason for doing this event;
Suzi, my sister, was the victim of domestic violence, a situation no woman should have to face. She was married to someone who at one time cared for both her and the family they were creating. Over time he lost sight of that and didn't know when to put the bottle down. He demanded more and more, did less and less and essentially wouldn't stop pouring a drink until the bottle was empty and took out any frustration on her and/or their three kids.

Not only did he become an alcoholic but a mean, very mean, drunk who came after Suzi and their kids with a vengeance. As she stood up for the kids, such as when one of the twins at 3 years old was being slapped out of the chair for burping at the dinner table, she got the brunt of his drunken anger. There are other stories of violence to both Suzi and the kids as the situation became worse.  She indicated that it would be best to just part ways or she would leave during one of his many stupors.  He always shouted that if she left, he would hunt her down and kill her; he was certainly capable of that with his specalized military training.

One day he got arrested for a major crime and soon after that she left with the four kids to another state. He went to prison, where he also received divorce papers, while she went on to find a new life, raise her kids well, and eventually marry a man she respects and who respects her.

Doing this fund raising has given me a chance to hear the stories from those I am asking support of for this walk. Sometimes they have amazing personal stories of their own situation that they share; I'm honored to be given such trust to even know some of the path they have walked.  Quite often their stories are of someone in their immediate family or of a close personal friend; these are not the often talked about stories ..... these are the soft spoken stories of a hidden problem.  Again, I am privileged to hear their heartfelt stories of those they love.  Honestly, I didn't know this was such a big problem effecting so many families until I started supporting the Walk.  

Too many women (and now young boys) have such stories of violence and abuse and the need is real.  Having a place to turn to and having people to talk to is so valuable; our team is walking to help the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County to be there for women who need such help. My sister was on the other coast, our family didn't learn of her story until she moved away with her kids.....we couldn't be of direct help until after the fact because we didn't know.  I want to do what I can now to help those who find themselves in a situation where such help is needed.  My small part may only be taking the time to hear from them, or those who love them, and experiencing that strange feeling walking down a city sidewalk in heels, but it is the part I can do now.

Yes, choice was taken from them and there are scars, but scars are a definition of the past and do not define the future.  Once these victims see they can pull choice back into their lives and that the future is theirs to create; that is when they need resources, and that is why we ask for your support.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your gift.

Bob and the Team

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