Bobby Earle's '09 CycleKids Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

Cycle Kids Inc.

Boston Marathon 2009

Boston, Massachusetts

Bobby Earle's '09 CycleKids Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

The Skinny.

The bicycle.  It’s transportation for the commuter, recreation for the weekend warrior, serious competitive tool for the athlete.  But for the child, the bicycle is pure joy.  It’s freedom to pump up hill and zoom down.  To explore new neighborhoods.  To pop wheelies and play make believe.  Is it any wonder we all remember our first bikes?  Mine was a purple Ross.  Do you remember yours?

CYCLE Kids began in 2004.  The CYCLE Kids mission is to get children on bicycles and engage them in a physical activity that addresses the health and emotional issues facing today's under-active, often overwheight, children.  The CYCLE Kids program encourages confidence, curiosity, and independence, supports effort to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles, and teaches children a skill they will have for a lifetime.

I am a cycling fool.  Yes, that's right. I absolutely dig bikes.  Riding them.  Building them.  Reading about them.  Looking at them.  I have 4 lovely locally made dream bikes (which is how I met Julia Idlet, CYCLE Kids fearless leader and founder).  This fire within me started when I was very young.  It would be awesome to see other kids afforded the same freedom and possibilties I was.

You've got questions.  I've got answers.

Is this darn web site safe for me to give you my life savings?  Yup.  Absolutely.  Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.  It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.  Although, if you want to drop by my house with that Poland Spring water cooler jug that's filled with all your spare change from the last several years, let's just say I'm not going to refuse it.

If I give you my life savings, exactly what does it go for?  Okay, here is a breakdown of costs for the CYCLE Kids program:

  • $3,500 supplies a school with the complete CYCLE Kids program
  • $2,500 supplies a school with 10 Trek Mountain bikes and 25 Bell helmets
  • $500 supplies a school with 25 Bell helmets
  • $200 supplies a school with one Trek Mountain bike.
  • $125 supplies a school with 25 student workbooks
  • $20 provides one helmet for a child

Possibly you'd like to give a certain amount based on one of these items?  I'd like to raise $10,000.  Sounds like a lot I know, but it's a nice even number.

This darn economic downturn has depleted my life savings.  What else can I do?  Well, I would most certainly appreciate your support on the day of the race.

When on earth is the Boston Marathon?  April 20th.  Mark your calendar.  Come on out and cheer me on!

Where can I learn more about CycleKids?  Okay, on the left side of this screen is a link you can select for more information.  You can also go to the CYCLE Kids web site, which is quite informative.  While your there, download the CYCLE Kids brochure.  It's suitable for your coffee table.  Really, it is.

Can I tell my friends about this or is it a great big secret?  Yell it from the rooftops!  Well, possibly it would be better to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate as you'll save your voice that way.

Can I train with you or are you one of those snobby iPod wearin' solo runners?  I am quite possibly the laziest runner around, so please, if you want to join me for a run, drop me a line.

Do you have one of those blog-thingies so I can I check up on your progress and validate that you're really running this crazy race?

In my attempt to get hip with the younger generation, I have taken the plunge and created a blog.  It's basically just me ranting, but you might find that interesting.  You can view it at  It's got my thoughts about my training as well as photos and videos.  I even include my running routes becase I know you really need information like that.

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Bobby Earle's '09 CycleKids Boston Marathon Fundraising Page
Run, Bobby, Run!