Rebecca Kalik's Batmitzvah Project


Rebecca Kalik's Batmitzvah Project

Rebecca Kalik's Batmitzvah Project

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What is BRCA?

Certain gene changes called hereditary mutations can cause cancers to run in families.  The genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer are called BRCA! and BRCA2.  Mutations in these genes can increase the risk for breast, ovarian, and other types of cancer.  BRCA mutations are prominent in specifics races such as Ashkenazi Jews; however among the general population it is rare. One in every 40 Ashkenazi Jews have BRCA mutation. Melanoma, prostate and pancreatic cancers occur at higher rates in the Jewish population as well.
Heredity Research Funding
Even though Heredity cancer research is beginning to show promising results, most research is being abandoned. Funding has been shifted to projects that assist the larger cancer population. Funding for hereditary cancer research is nearly nonexistent. Many foundations support general breast cancer or ovarian cancer research. Funded studies typically focus on a single cancer type and may miss critical clues linking breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and other hereditary cancers.

Why FORCE? - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered 

Force has the largest amount of people willing to participate in HBCO research.
“FORCE is the only organization dedicated to fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and improving the lives of affected individuals and families. Hereditary cancer is our only mission. We have a broad connection and a bond of trust with our constituents.”

BRCA and I

About a year ago my grandmother got her annual mammogram. When she discovered that she had breast cancer. It was reccomeneded that she get tested for the BRCA gene because we are Ashkenazi Jews. Not long after the test, life changing news hit our family. My grandma had a BRCA1 genetic mutation. My mother next went to go get tested for the gene and found out she was a carrier as well. She did a bunch of research and found FORCE. FORCE helped her to find all of the possible treatment options to lower her risk of hereditary cancers. My mother chose to get a new kind of surgery done.  Before her surgery, the founder of FORCE,Sue Friedman, personally called my mother. They talked and discussed the surgery.She seemed to really care about my mother's health and well being. Today my mother is a previvor! But the battle against BRCA isn't over. My brothers and I are also at risk. We have a fifty precent chance of having the gene. If we are a carrier of the gene then our children will have a fifty precent chance of having the gene. The next generation is at risk.FORCE really does care, and FORCE really can help! 

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