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2012 Kentucky Derby Mini/Marathon

Brian Heyburn's Page

Hey all,

I have registered for the miniMarathon once again this year, now with the confidence that my legs will, in fact, carry me 13.1 miles! So, I feel safe in making the commitment to help with the KIDS Center's fundraising efforts alongside my training regimen.  I hope you will consider helping me support a facility that has been instrumental in my development and continues to provide a phenomenal support network, even into my adult life.  Thanks in advance.


Help the Kids Center make sure NONE ARE TURNED AWAY! Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. I am raising money to help children with special needs at the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. They never turn a child away and because of that fall short about $700,000 per year, or $1,000 for each of the 700 children they help. Every $20 I raise helps provide one hour of "Kids Care" - that's an hour of therapy - speech, physical, or occupational therapy. It might be the hour a child learns to walk, starts to talk, or gains self-esteem and independence. It might be the hour that helps a parent look past the obstacles of that child to see their potential. Donating is easy, safe and secure. Please share this page with others you know. You can even create a page like mine and raise funds yourself. Thank you again for anything you can do to help these children.

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