Help Brooklyn Lord Help Haiti (Stephan Lord Memorial Fund)

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Help Brooklyn Lord Help Haiti (Stephan Lord Memorial Fund)

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(Below is original message from Steve's granddaughter Brooklyn)

Dear friend,

One morning a few days before Christmas, Krista asked our 4-year-old daughter what she wanted to do that day, expecting an answer like 'draw and paint' or 'go to Chuck E Cheese's'.  Instead, she said, "I want to help sick kids and kids who don't have anything."  Not long after, Brooklyn picked out some of her own toys that we gave to a Nashville family in need.  Wanting to do more, we decided to mix Brooklyn's love of painting with helping others, and make a card that she could give to people who would help her in helping other kids.  We contacted World Vision about options, and Brooklyn picked a project helping children in Haiti.  Three days later, a 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti.  When Brooklyn heard the news about her 'new country', she started to get choked up.  She can pick out Haiti on maps and globes, and loves it that they speak French (Brooklyn can count to 14 in French.) We're thankful that she had already started on the road to helping these people, and that she can learn what it is both to give and pray for others in need.

If you'd like to help Brooklyn help children in Haiti, you can make a tax-deductible donation here that will go directly to help in the relief effort in Haiti.  To receive one of Brooklyn's cards, you can email your address to us at brian(at) Thanks!  Brian, Krista, Brooklyn and Sydney.


 As a family, we trust World Vision's ministry.  Brian's great-uncle was president of World Vision in the Phillipines, Krista was a World Vision artist during her Christian music career, and our family has helped with several projects over the years.  We know where the money is going, how its used, and that its making an impact.

These donations will go to the relief effort.  Prior to the earthquake, World Vision had 300 people operating in-country and had been there for 30 years.


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Help Brooklyn Lord Help Haiti (Stephan Lord Memorial Fund)
Brooklyn and "PeePaw" Steve