Bridget Donovan's Page


2012 Alternative Spring Break

Newark, New Jersey

Bridget Donovan's Page


My name is Bridget Donovan and I am extremely excited to be working with United Way of Northern New Jersey! I am currently studying Family Services at Montclair State Univeristy and will graduate in May. Some of my biggest passions in life are children and volunteering my time. I am really looking forward to attending the Alternative Spring Break in Newark, NJ. I appreciate all the support you have given me and I hope we as a UNITED front can help make a difference!

More than 1.2 MILLION youth drop out of school in the United States every year at an incredible cost to their families, the community and our nation. This spring break, rather than hitting the beaches or sitting around the family homestead, I'm going to be in Newark, New Jersey. There I'm going to work with United Way and dozens of other college students from across the country to volunteer with children in and around Newark. We will work to develop literacy skills, improve child care centers and any of a variety of activities to make a difference.

I need your help to make this a reality. I've contributed the first $25 toward my participation fee. I need to raise an additional $250. All of the money contributed will be donated to United Way to cover program expenses (our housing, meals, local transportation and service project supplies). Will you match my contribution to help me reach my goal? (Hey -- if you want to contribute more than $25, both I and United Way would be extremely appreciative.) All donations are tax deductible. And we promise to share our progress and success on the ground in Newark with everyone who supports the program.

I hope you'll join me in this powerful, meaningful event. I can't get there without YOUR support. Thanks so much.





Please note: All donations received are charitable gifts to United Way and are available to support the ASB program at United Way's sole discretion.

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