Brittany & Garrett's Fundraising Page


Brittany & Garrett's Fundraising Page

Brittany & Garrett's Fundraising Page


Cycling For Water – Brittany App & Garrett Russell Cycle Coast to Coast for WaterAid

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Brittany App & Garrett Russell bicycled across The United States of America in the Fall of 2010 to raise awareness of our Global Water Crisis, and to raise funds to provide fresh water to those who need it most.  It was through this bike ride that Brittany met her future husband, Steven Anzel.  The two are to be married in 2014.

Brittany & Garrett followed the Southern Tier – a route established by the Adventure Cycling Association – covering 3,159 miles between San Diego, California and St. Augustine, Florida. They completed the journey in three months – averaging 50 miles a day.

Garrett, film-maker extraordinaire, filmed the entire experience, and released a documentary web series about the journey. Sixteen episodes of “Water Tension” are available on . You are invited to join the journey and share it with your loved ones.

Brittany & Garrett rode their bicycles to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis, and to raise money for WaterAid. Their fundraising goal was $20,000. To this point in time, over $15,000 has been raised for WaterAid International. Both a reason to celebrate, and reason to keep working for positive change.

WaterAid is an incredible international charity that works in Africa and Asia to provide the world’s poorest people with their most basic need: access to safe water and effective sanitation. 


About the Web Series..........

“Water Tension” is a reflexive and experiential journey that will bring to light how connected we all are regardless of our story. A unique and wild ride that will have you feeling like you pedaled all 3,200 miles with us. You will live through the brutal elements, the moments of breakdown and redemption, the joys and hardships of life on the road and the incredible stories of our newfound friends who took part in our nomadic venture. “Water Tension: A Web Series” will educate on the water crisis here and abroad while giving a voice to the people who shared their intimate journeys with us along the way. We interview a diverse group of individuals about their lives, their values, their legacy and their connections to water and the current water crisis. Pedal with us over mountains, across deserts and through the Deep South as we discover who we truly are and how connected we all are through water and our commons bonds. Watch an epic tale of following dreams to the end of the road and beyond. Peace be the journey.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the precious time to read this page. Please invite all your friends and colleagues to join in and support the most basic of human rights. Cheers!  

- Brittany App & Garrett Russell


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Brittany & Garrett's Fundraising Page
Pacific to Atlantic - Success!! Nov 2011
  1. Brittany App Thank you to everyone who purchased a print at Brittany's Art Release Party at 15C. Together y'all raised $95 bucks for WaterAid. $95.00
  2. The Anzel Family ;) #FiveGallonChallenge Donation in honor of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and the #CaliforniaDrought $33.00
  3. H.A. & Jan Northington Want to see that goal reached! You have done such an amazing job helping make a difference in the every day lives of many lives. $200.00
  4. Brandon Eckles & Katie Stiles Congratulations! $25.00
  5. Brittany App Thank you to all who purchased a print from Coalition in SLO. And thank you to John Foldberg for your Bicycle Photo Booth donation. xo $19.00
  6. Brittany App Much love from all the folks who donated at the Bike Touring Q&A at K-Man! $10.00
  7. Andrew Cook $25.00 *
  8. Brittany App In honor of my incredible family. $60.00
  9. Brittany App matching $ donated by Paso's Women in Business $137.00
  10. Paso Chamber Women In Business Paso Chamber Women In Business Luncheon attendees. $87.00
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