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2012 New York City Half Marathon

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St Patrick's will be a low key affair for me this year – on Sunday, March 18 I will be up with the birds and running 13.1 miles in the NYC Half Marathon to raise money for the SLE Lupus Foundation.

Lupus is an auto-immune disease which has a higher incidence amongst black, Latino and Asian populations; 90% of cases occur in women; there is no cure. Lupus is considered one of America's least recognized major diseases, with over 1 million sufferers, but little knowledge. You can read more about it here.

My half marathon benefactor, the SLE Lupus Foundation, supports research into this disease – there is hope that this year will see the release of the first Lupus treatment drug in 50 years! They also educate and support people diagnosed with this disease, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York City and Los Angeles.

I am running for the Foundation because of my friend Amber Vickers – an extreme Lupus sufferer. Amber now has Lupus affecting most of her major organs. Your donation may not be able to cure Amber, but it may help to find new Lupus treatments or cure many people like her. Please will you consider donating to support this worthy cause? It only takes a minute. $5, $10 $20 or more – it will all make a difference.

Thanks in advance for your support. I will raise a pint of Guinness in your honor (and Amber's) on Sunday.


P.S. Unfortunately I suffered quite a painful foot injury while in training (plantar fasciitis causing acute sesamoiditis) which has kept me out of training for over a month, and would explain if you've seen me limping lately. So, this won't be a race of time, but of grit to get to the end and hope with adrenaline and some just-in-case painkillers that my foot doesn't hurt too much. Amber can't walk away, so neither am I. Thanks again for making it worth my while.

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