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Ride For Pride 8

bruce ingersoll's Page

So last year was a truly amazing year.  My friends and family supported this organization that I hold dear with overwhelming generosity.  Although I think some of you just wanted to see me jump out of an airplane or into a frozen lake! 

This year is a bit different. No big gimmick to get your dollars,  just some honest truth.  As I celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 10th birthday,  I find myself reflecting on the winding,  bumpy road we call life. And I find myself needing to thank so many people for being there for me and helping every step of the way.  Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the irreplaceable support I've had from all of you! And then I think,  what if you weren't in my life,  where would I be? And the thought scares me.  

The GAGV is the support all of you have given me,  for those not as fortunate as I have been.  The greatest 40th birthday present y'all could give me is to raise a ridiculous amount of money and once again brighten and change the world of a scared, lost,  and insecure person, trying find themself.  



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