FIre Devastates Lakeview Animal Sanctuary


FIre Devastates Lakeview Animal Sanctuary

FIre Devastates Lakeview Animal Sanctuary

A devastating and fast moving fire burned down the only barn at Lakeview Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday night, September 11, 2012. 

In just minutes, over half of the many rescued animals tragically perished in the fire.  Among the animals that died were Oreo, a precious baby lamb, and Sandi Pfohl's (founder/director of LAS) house companion, a lamb named Woolworth, who followed Sandi around everywhere.

Sandi and the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary are all extremely devastated by this tragedy.

The barn was completely destroyed and Lakeview Animal Sanctuary made the tough decision to dispurse the surviving animals among local shelters and groups to care for them.  

Sandi wants the animals she loves and cares for back soon, but must have a new barn built urgently.  The insurance they had only covers $10,000 and is not nearly enough to build a new barn for these animals.

They need our help, the help from our local community, and just help from anyone with a heart.

Please donate anything you can and send encouraging words to Sandi and the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

In addition to monetary donations, the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary is in desperate need to replace the following items damaged or destroyed in the fire:

Shovels, Rakes, Old Blankets, Plastic Totes, Plastic Garbage Cans, Animal Feed, Hay and Straw, Harnesses, Saddles, Animal Brushes, Wool Sheers, All Pet Care Supplies.

A storage shed to hold these crucial items.

Building materials (please call LAS at 716-574-0359 for details).

Donations can be dropped right off at the sanctuary at 5180 Fiegle Rd, Pendleton.  They can also arrange to pick-up. Please call 716.574.0359 or
send an email to
Lakeview Animal Sanctuary.

Lakeview Animal Sanctuary will be holding a candlelight vigil in the front of the
Sanctuary property on
Thursday, September 20 at 7:30 PM.

All are Welcome.

In order to respect Sandi's privacy, visitors are asked to
remain nearer to the road rather than the house.

Please bring your own candle and a means to light it.
If you wish to make a donation at the vigil, you may.
If you are bringing a check, please make it payable to
Lakeview Animal Sanctuary.

News Stories of the tragic fire:
  Download Lakeview Animal Sanctuary's Newsletter to learn more about the wonderful work they are doing to rescue and rehabilitate local wildlife and care for sick and abused farm animals.

 Many thanks for your support -- and please don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to help.

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