Burnie the HHS Mascot's Pledge Page

Houston Humane Society

Houston Humane Society's 27th Annual Fun Run & Walk

Burnie the HHS Mascot's Pledge Page

Thank you for showing your support by visiting my profile page for the 2008 Houston Humane Society K-9 Fun Run and Walk.

After many races I have decided to hang up my running shoes and take on a new role at this year's Fun Run.  I will be there bright and early as the Houston Humane Society's spokesdog!  As the spokesdog I will be center stage on race day to show my support for all the homeless animals that are being cared for by my friends at the HHS.

For more information on the HHS K-9 Fun Run and Walk on Sunday, March 16th, please visit our website www.houstonhumane.org and click on events.

See you at the race!

Your Friend,

Burnie                                                                                                                                                                                  HHS Mascot

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