Blue's HSHA Fundraising Page

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area

Penguin Plunge 2012

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Blue's HSHA Fundraising Page

Hello Humane Society Supporters!

My name is Blue and I am an HSHA shelter alumni (that's  me in my Halloween costume in the picture...pretty cute huh?). Like my friend Buster from last year’s Plunge, I am the shelter representative that will be plunging on behalf of all my fellow past, present, and future HSHA residents.

My story started when I was bred to be a stud dog at a breeder in Virginia. After making my way to HSHA, I went home with my owner (and my favorite HSHA employee) Ian, where I still live today. Although I’m a pretty big guy and some people think I’m a little intimidating at first, it doesn’t take long for people to fall in love with me, especially because I give great kisses and love to snuggle. I like to think of myself as one of HSHA’s many “Pit Bull Ambassadors.”

With the help of my owner, I’ve learned lots of great commands, like sit, down, stay, come, heel, finish, shake, leave-it, stop, go get it and look at me. My owner and I make such a great team that he even had my name tattooed on his back! According to him, “Blue has a heart of gold and a spirit so strong you could touch it with your own two hands. Behind that intimidating mug is a beautiful personality that only wants to love and be loved.”

We both hope you’ll support my participation in the 2012 Penguin Plunge by making a donation, small or large, so that other pets like me will get a second chance like I was lucky enough to have.  All the money I raise will go directly to caring for dogs like me, as well as the cats and other critters at the shelter. We really appreciate your donations, because it helps the shelter caregivers get us food, medicine, toys, love and the other important things that we really need. I HOPE YOU'LL SPONSOR ME TODAY AND FORWARD MY PAGE TO ANYONE ELSE WHO MIGHT WANT TO HELP OUT!

See you at the Plunge!


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