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Over the Edge Des Moines 2012

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Cami Jo Howrey's Page


HERE WE GO!!!  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!  TOMORROW IS RAPPEL DAY DOWNTOWN DES MOINES!  I will be honest and say tonight's sleep will be a little restless!  HA HA!  THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY BROTHER.  THANK YOU FOR THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS... and thank you ALL for this opportunity to support an amazing HOPEFUL POSITIVE organization!  





Friends & Family.... many of you are aware of Cody's health complications... I just wanted to add here that he is recovering well from his hospital stay last week.  He received multiple blood transfusions and will require massive diet changes to heal completely.

Please pray for our Bugman... a reminder to do what we can while we have the time.  He is such a living portrait of unconditional love.  

Thank you... 


Thank you to all who helped get me "OVER THE EDGE!"  Now, let's really show em what Northwest Iowa is all about!  I've just upped my goal to raise $2,000 for SPECIAL OLYMPICS IOWA! 

Absolutely ANY amount you can donate will be appreciated and help these athletes realize that they are ALL WINNERS!!!

My brother Cody has been given so many amazing opportunities through Special Olympics. Who doesn't want the chance to know they have "finished well"... 

Thank you so much... for giving this gift...

God bless you!

-Cami Jo

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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