Alison and Campbell are getting married!

Neighborhood Story Project, Inc.

Alison and Campbell are getting married!

Celebrating the wedding of Alison and Campbell

Alison and Campbell are getting married!

We love New Orleans. This is us at Mardi Gras --->

One of the things we love about New Orleans is that there are so many different neighborhoods, communities and traditions: Mardi Gras Indians, social aid and pleasure clubs, the racetrack crowd, the list goes on. Since 2004, the Neighborhood Story Project has been working with people who live in these communities, particularly those that are either ignored in the guidebooks or only written about by outsiders, and helping them tell their own stories in their own words. The organization helps people conduct interviews, take pictures and, in some cases, publish books about their corners of New Orleans. In a city that is still on the comeback from being nearly washed away, we think this is essential work. Thanks in advance for helping the N.S.P. continue to do it.

Your donations will go toward publishing the project's next two books.

One is a history of the Fi Yi Yi / Mandingo Warriors, a Mardi Gras Indian Tribe that links the tradition to Africa (you can learn about the fascinating tradition here: )

The other is written by and with the behind-the-scene workers at the New Orleans Fair Grounds, America's third oldest horse track. The books are in the works and the folks at N.S.P. promise they will be phenomenal.


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Alison and Campbell are getting married!
Box of Wine Parade, 2010