Gabriel's Walk! Atlanta Pet Parade


2010 Pet Parade - A Walk For Animals

Gabriel's Walk! Atlanta Pet Parade

Thank You for dropping in!  i'm Gabriel, everyone calls me Gabe though.  I am an English Mastiff/Shepherd Mix and I want to do the Atlanta Pet Parade with my human, Candy,  this year. 

I was adopted from the DeKalb County Animal Shelter in 2006.  My humans had a long road to get me healthy again.  I was very underweight because other humans tried to starve me to make me mean.  They also beat me with a car antenna, I still show a few scars but they don't bother me.  I was literally on death row, my humans Candy & Dusty saw me on my last day to live.  I was curled up in a ball and was nothing more than tuft of brown fur.  Dusty had stopped in front of my cage and looked for a few minutes.  I was scared to even look up.  He told Candy to come look at me that he thought I was a mastiff of some sort.  She came back, she had walked by me a moment before, she said hi to me and I looked up.  She must have seen something in me because she told Dusty to find someone to get me out of that cage. 

Candy battled to bring me home, the shelter thought I was too far gone and wouldn't be a good dog.  She had faith in me.  I went home with no guarantees and a certificate that a vet may or may not have honored for basic care and neutering.  

With a lot of love, and a lot of care I was healthy again in 6 months.  I'm a super dog, I'm friendly, I like to be with my humans and I do a lot of great things for them.  My human Dusty says he would clone me and make 10 of me if he could.  Candy human says I'm one of a kind and am very close to her heart.    

This wouldn't have been possible if they didn't come to an animal shelter to get me.  I want other dogs to have a chance to find good humans to love them too.   We've set our goal high to try and get as many dogs into homes as we can. 

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