Cara Falconi's Fundraising Page


Cara Falconi's Fundraising Page

Cara Falconi's Fundraising Page

My son Ian is the light of my life! He is an adorable little boy whose smile, bright eyes and energetic personality brighten up a room!  Ian may look like a typical 12 year old boy, but he struggles daily to fight Autism and Mental ILLness.  Click on the link below to see our short video....  

Ian finished his 3nd summer at Camp Starfish this past summer and had the time of his life again! Starfish has helped Ian flourish over the years.  He made friends, maintained connections with counselors, participated in a variety of activities and had an increase in his self-esteem. He shared lots of laughs, smiles and hugs over the years at Starfish. Ian's experience at Camp Starfish has been great because it gives him the intensive 1:1 support he needs while allowing him to do "typical" camp activities. Starfish does this without singling him out or kicking him out! Camp Starfish has made a huge difference in our family's life and will forever be a big part of us. I have never seen Ian as happy and confident as he is while at Camp is a very special place!!!

Please make a donation to help Camp Starfish; it is very much appreciated.

Thank You

Cara Falconi



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Cara Falconi's Fundraising Page
Ian and Counselor Emily!