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Thank you for your interest in supporting Mary's Meals.

Mary's Meals says, "Our vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education. Working together with those who share our ideas, we believe there is no good reason why that vision cannot be realised."

Wherever possible, Mary's Meals purchases locally-produced food for use in the meals they serve in schools. This supports the local economy, it respects local culture and food preferences, and it avoids incurring extra transport costs. In Malawi, for instance, they serve Likuni Phala, a nutritious maize porridge fortified with vitamins and minerals, and in other countries such as Thailand, they provide curries made with meat, fish, rice and vegetables.

Mary's Meals is committed to spending at least 93 cents of every $1 you donate on charitable work, and is very careful to keep running costs as low as possible. They do this by welcoming volunteers into every aspect of the organisation, and not wasting money on anything that is not absolutely necessary.

Because of this, it costs only $16.80 to feed a child for a full year.

You can learn more about Mary's Meals by visiting their Web site.

Watch the video to see Mary's Meals putting donations to work changing the lives of children in Malawi.

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