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Bird-a-thon 2012

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I am participating in Mass Audubon's 2012 Bird-a-thon on May 11-12 . This is a 24 hour event and our Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Team will scour the State to see as many birds as we can from 6:00 pm Friday to 6:00 pm Saturday. I will happily miss my sleep to raise money to support our education and conservation programs.
Your donation will help us connect more children and adults to nature. Our daily work with children and families is more important than ever. Whether it is our programs for school children, our summer day camp programs. or a barn full of kids and a parent on a Saturday morning pounding nails to construct a bluebird box, the opportunity of real hands-on experiences is critical. These are the only chances some children have to be outdoors – to be in touch with real living things. Donations to Bird-a-thon will also assist us with key ecological management projects such as removal of invasive buckthorn from our fields or maintaining our bluebird nest box program.
Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.
Many thanks for your support -- and PLEASE forward this to anyone who you think might help us also with a donation.

All the best,

Carol Decker, Sanctuary Director

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