In Memory of Carol Conde


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Manhattan Beach , California
In memory of Carol Conde

In Memory of Carol Conde

This legacy fund is dedicated to the memory of Carol Ann (Thomas) Conde.

The purpose of this legacy fund is to honor her memory by helping build awareness of this horrific disease. With that in mind we’d like to try and explain just how devastating pancreatic cancer can be.

On June 12,  2013 mom was admitted in the hospital due to elevated blood pressure.  On July 11 she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and passed away on September 24; less than 3 months later at the young age of 64.

Mom was a member of the American Quilter's Society and a local quilting club known as the Q-Bee's, and enjoyed the many quilting conventions which would usually result in a new project. Each handicraft would contain such loving detail, her personal touch. She was a true perfectionist.

Mom was artistic and creative and took pride in decorating her house with her wide assortment of achievements including quilts, needlework and paintings; and although meticulous and organized it was always warm and inviting. 

She always enjoyed having flower and herb gardens and would spend hours outside enjoying a tranquil afternoon with hot tea listening to the calming fountain. Mom was a fantastic cook and baker and enjoyed family time where she could share recipes with friends and family.

Mom is not the first person to fall victim and will not be the last.  She took the news of her prognosis in stride, and she fought with bravery, devoid of self pity till the very end. But even she was no match for such a vicious enemy.

We are fortunate to have had mom in our lives and hope that this fund will contribute towards finding a cure in her memory.  Our deepest gratitude!


Thank you for your support,

Laura, Tracy, Elaine and James

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