Romeo's FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge

Kitten Rescue

Romeo's FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge

Romeo's FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge

The tough economy impacts everyone. Many shelters and rescues are reporting lower donations and also a higher influx of pets whose owners can't afford to take care of them any longer or who have lost their house and can no longer keep a pet.

Lots of people (and pets) have told me they want to help with my efforts but due to the economy, things are tight. That gave me an idea: My FURPOWER $1 Donation Challenge.

What if all of my blog readers and all of my Twitter followers contributed just ONE DOLLAR to our animal welfare organization of the month, Kitten Rescue? (For more about Kitten Rescue, see left side bar). Imagine what we can do if we each contribute a tiny bit! We can make a big difference without breaking any of our mousy banks!

I mean, a whole big bag of treats is really just a bunch of individual treats that got together, right?

AND to make the challenge even more fun, if you make a dollar donation you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a beautiful piece of artwork,
"This Brew's for You!" by BZTAT, AKA Vicki Boatright, http://artadventuresstudios.comYou might know the model if you're on's @brewskiebutt!

For your dollar donation, you’ll get one entry. But if you want to donate more than a dollar, for each $5 increment you donate you’ll get another entry into the drawing. So, if you send $5 you’ll get two entries, $10 you’ll get three entries, etc.

Everybody wins, especially the animals.


Romeo and Pugsley

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