Romeo the Cat's March Fundraising Page


Romeo the Cat's March Fundraising Page

Romeo the Cat's March Fundraising Page

This month I am supporting a very special rescue in memory of a very special friend.

Bailey the Bichon was a courageous girl who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. She and her staff were some of the first friends I made when I started FURPOWER fundraising and have always supported my work.

Ms. Bailey lived a long and happy life and even outsmarted the Big C and lived for several years afterwards. She was very loved and spoiled by her staff member, Bev. And she certainly deserved every bit of pampering she got!

Anyway, it's Bailey's birthday month and to honor and remember her, I'm holding the first-ever online Bichon Bash and supporting Small Paws Rescue, a nationwide Bichon rescue that has rescued over 7,500 Bichons in 11 years from shelters, puppy mills and surrenders. They do wonderful work and I am so happy to help them this month. And give a high paw to my friend Bailey up at the Bridge.

She'd be so pleased!

AND I am working on a very special project as part of the online Bichon Bash. I'm putting together a video montage of Bichons! Can you imagine? ALL BICHONS? How cute is that?

So, if you are staff to a Bichon please send me a photo of your Bichon for my project. You can email to romeo (at) romeothecat (dot) com. Tell me your Bichon's name and where you live. If you have friends with Bichons, tell them to send along to me too. It's going to be awesome!

Thanks for all of your support!

xo, Romeo

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Romeo the Cat's March Fundraising Page
Go Small Paws!