Free Them 5K Fun Run/Walk May 7, 2011


Free Them 5K Fun Run/Walk May 7, 2011

Seattle, Washington

Free Them 5K Fun Run/Walk May 7, 2011

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This is my third 5K, and the first one that I'm running for a cause that I feel strongly about. As a mom, the thought of children being trapped in the nightmare of human trafficking absolutely breaks my heart. Here's some information on what World Concern is doing to help fight against this problem:

The goal of World Concern Asia’s “I Am A Child” program is to reduce the number of children ensnared in sex trafficking with prevention and protection programs targeting victimized or at-risk children. We work to protect children in the border regions of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, where people are most vulnerable to the lure of traffickers. We are also expanding our efforts into Nepal.

World Concern’s anti-trafficking program was developed with the expectation that basic interventions can prevent children from being trafficked so they can live meaningful lives in their home communities among their families.

Our fieldworkers offer children opportunities for education and work with families who are considering migration to another region, which is common among families living in extreme poverty. They are offered information about the dangers of trafficking and are made aware of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

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