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Casey Carroll's Fundraising Page

Dear family, friends, and secret admirers,

I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my page.  While many of you know I have been serving in the military for the past few years, few people know why I have chosen this specific path.  My inspiration and motivation come from a former Duke laxer like myself, Sgt. James Regan.  He was a man that sacrificed everything so that we can continue to enjoy the small things in our lives.  Jimmy Regan was killed February 9, 2007 while conducting combat operations in Iraq.  The commitment and dedication he upheld has had a profound affect on my life.  In his honor, the "Lead the Way Fund" was established to help the families of Rangers who have been killed or wounded.  Naturally, this cause is very near and dear to me (as I am sure it is to many of you) and I am honored to be representing such a noble endeavor. 

Despite popular belief, it will in fact take more than six strides with my long dancer's legs to make it to the finish line.  Unfortunately, this means that I will have to train.  I have been having a lot of fun so far, and I hope to post a decent time for my first marathon. Like Coach Mike Pressler always said,"We're not just going for a run. It's a race."  I paraphrased that but I figured it would look better in quotes. 

Due to our long hours and extensive time away from home, it is not easy to be a member of the Ranger family (just ask my wife Erin).  However, the pride that comes from doing what we do is palpable within this small community.  With your help, the money raised will alleviate some of the hardship for those Ranger families that need it the most.  Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.  No donation is too small.

I look forward to running the NYC Marathon in Jimmy's honor and with your support.  Many thanks for your help -- and please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! 

Rangers Lead the Way!


Casey Carroll


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Casey Carroll's Fundraising Page
Despite popular belief, it will in fact