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Lacrosse Mustache Madness

Casey Vock's Page

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. You'll see I'm growing a frightening mustache throughout the month of November, but it's for a very good cause. 

Here at Inside Lacrosse, we're big supporters of the HEADstrong Foundation, which is a fantastic organization made up of terrific people. HEADstrong generates funds to be donated to cancer research and the organization distributes grants and assistance to survivors of various forms of cancer. 

Cancer is no laughing matter. But you can help fight it by donating here, and in the process, you're bound to chuckle at the ridiculous, Earnhardt-like soup strainer growing above my top lip. Check my progress and that of my fellow Inside Lacrosse staff members each week at our website:

Your support is greatly appreciated. And please forward this link to anyone you think might want to donate, too.

This page is no longer accepting donations