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Omaha Buddy Walk 2012

Omaha, Nebraska

Super V

I can't believe this will be our 4th Buddy Walk! Vollen turned a corner after his birthday this year in April. Now that he is 3 there is a maturity about him. He is listening more, doesn't throw AS many fits, most of the time he does what we ask him to do. He understands EVERYTHING we tell him and he is using more and more words everyday. It's still pretty hard to understand him and we are working a lot on his speech therapy.

He was the first students at the new special needs preschool The Little Leaf Learning Center last fall. He attends 4 days a week for 3 hours each day and just LOVES it. His teachers tell us the new things he does everyday and it just blows us away. He did camp this summer at Munroe Meyer 3 different weeks. He was a popular little boy there. Everyone wanted to be his 'buddy' and work with him. We met so many great people down there. He loved the camp cheer and goes around saying it whenever someone does a good job! It is too cute!

He is still so sweet, funny, giggly, smooshy and cuddly. He is our love bug! He will smile and wave at people everywhere we go and always gives a great big, LOUD HI to everyone he sees. He brightens so many people's day. He is definitely the center of attention. He gets lots of compliments on his mohawlk, it's now his trademark and we don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon.

The Buddy Walk this year will be on Saturday, October 13th at 9:00am! There are bounce house/obstacle courses, face painting, carnival games, breakfast goodies like bagels, fruit and snacks, picture booth, bubble dance floor and much, much more! We will walk at 11:00am.

The route for the walk will be the same as last year. We are going to walk down a little part into Elmwood Park, over the walkway to Memorial Park, up around the loop and back to UNO green space. It was really neat to have everyone driving on Dodge street see our walk and all the people that come out to support it! It is growing so much every year!

The first year we were Rollin' with Vollen since he was only 6 months old and in a stroller. The sceond year we were Strollin' with Vollen, since he was just starting to walk on his own! Then we were Walk with the Mohawk, since that is his trademark! This year my girlfriend made Vollen  his own cape with a big V on it. He loves it, so this year we are doing Super V!

 We are hoping to have a even bigger team than last year's 40+ fabulous friends and family that came out to walk with us! We could not have been more proud and overwhelmed with the support from everyone for our Buddy Walks. We are excited to make this year even better with a bigger turnout! Register to walk on Vollen's team on here (they really want everyone to register this year even if you don't get the official buddy Walk t-shirt the $5 registration fee helps off-set the cost of putting on the Buddy Walk) and if you want a Super V t-shirt we need to order all the t-shirts in mid-September, so let me know if you want to order one. They are usually around $10. They are black t-shirts with a gold lightening bolt that says Super Vollen. So, if you didn't order a t-shirt, you can just wear a black shirt to match our group!

All of the donations we get go towards our Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands. This organization brings education and awareness to all of us. There are fun activities throughout the year where we get to meet other families, there is a parent's night out and many other gatherings where we get to bond with one another. The group helps bring opportunities to Vollen that otherwise wouldn’t exist. The support system that both Vernon and I have and especially the friends Vollen has made from this group are PRICELESS. I am thankful every single day that we have made the connections and new friends that we have and will have for a lifetime. I can’t even begin to describe how much love and support we all have for each other. It is truly unbelievable and such a gift. Anything you can donate to this amazing network would be greatly appreciated.

Being on the board as Parent Outreach Chair and head of the Mom's group (Down Syndrome Super Moms) has been so amazing. I love welcoming people new to the area and parents that have a new baby with Down Syndrome and helping them through that tough process in the beginning. I also love bringing all the moms with different age kids together to support and learn from each other. It has been so rewarding and I feel like it's my calling!

*Remember, any donation you make are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, both business or personal*

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Thank you so much in advance!

The Schlueters

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