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Hello Friends!

As a recent survivor and one year free and clear member of Melanoma Stage IIIB, I want to do my part in helping to find a better treatment, understanding and cure for those touched by Melanoma.

Our team's dedication to ride 100 miles in the Sea Gull Century on October 6, 2012 is not only to help find better treatment options for myself but for all of those that have been and will be diagnosed. Until this past year, there have not been any new successes for over 13 years in new treatments for this agressive and deadly disease.  My own personal experience with Interferon (one of the treament options) only provided me with a potential 10%-15% chance in helping lower the rate of recurrence. Even with this treatment they will never know if it was actually effective or not

Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers amongst young people and the numbers are increasing every year.  Due to a lack of knowledge on my part and the fact that I was young, I never thought my cancer would progress to the aggressive level and advanced cancer that it was.  I feel that this can often be avoided.  Facts have shown that if caught early on through skin checks, the cure rate is 90% and up.  If not caught early 5 year survival rates for stage III and IV drop to 50% and less.   

 Here are a few Melanoma facts:

 The American Cancer Society's most recent estimates for melanoma in the United States are for 2012:

  • About 76,250 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 44,250 in men and 32,000 in women). Incidence rates for melanoma have been rising for at least 30 years.
  • About 9,180 people are expected to die of melanoma (about 6,060 men and 3,120 women). From 2004 to 2008, the death rate in whites has been dropping in those younger than 50, but has been stable in women or rising in men older than 50.  

 I would like to thank all of you checking out my page, to all who have donated, passed this along and a very special thank you to those riding and raising with me to help support this special cause!





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