Catherine Elcik's Run for Grub!


Catherine Elcik's Run for Grub!

Catherine Elcik's Run for Grub!

I'm turning my first marathon into a fundraiser for Grub Street, Inc, an independent writing school in Boston, MA. 


Because every good thing in my writing life can be traced back to finding my way into a a Grub Street classroom in 2001, and I want to help pass on the welcome Grub gave me to the next generation of Grub Street writers. 

My "Run for Grub" will fund a scholarship for writers who are new to Grub Street--whether that means they're taking their first-ever Grub Street class or testing out a class in a genre that's new to them.

For more information about Grub Street, Inc. vist For more information about my Run for Grub, you can follow my training progress at  And for more information about the marathon I chose to run in, visit

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Catherine Elcik's Run for Grub!
Naive smile of a marathon 1st timer...