Cayla Todes's Fundraising Page


Cayla Todes's Fundraising Page

Cayla Todes's Fundraising Page

Dear Family and Friends, 

As my Bat Mitzvah approaches, I realize how fortunate I am compared to so many other children. As part of my chesed project, I will be sponsoring a child at Beit Issie Shapiro. Beit Issie Shapiro is an organization in Ranana, Israel, that gives children with all kinds of disabilities a chance to learn and have fun even though they are different from others. Beit Issie Shapiro helps over 30,000 people a year. I have been lucky enough to visit Beit Issie Shapiro several times and have always been amazed by all the fantastic work they do from the pool, to their iPad program to Snoezelan!

It is important to me to sponsor a child so that they can benefit from all the fantastic programs Beit Issie Shapiro has to offer. Through Beit Issie a child and their family can learn how to function in the world better. They can feel more comfortable in their own body, they can learn how to communicate better, they can learn  how to move better, and even their health will be better through the dental program. I think that helping at least one child will impact them, their entire family, and even the whole world. 

Over Pesach my family and I will have a chance to visit Beit Issie Shapiro and visit with the children. We will be participating in a drum-circle where the children have a chance to express themselves through music. Additionally, we will spend time putting together packages that Beit Issie sells to raise money.

Please take a look at the video if you would like to know more about all the wonderful work Beit Issie Shapiro does. I hope that you will assist me in raising funds for this wonderful organization that means so much to me. Thank you for supporting my chesed project!  





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