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I first learned about the "Falling for Families" fundraiser proposed by our local Habitat for Humanity in an e-mail sent to me by our local office. It asked for volunteers to skydive out of an airplane to encourage folks to sponsor them by making a donation to help build affordable housing for those less fortunate in our community. My first thought was why would anyone dive out of a perfectly good airplane. Then I thought about the families of the six homes that I worked on during the past year. One of them in particular was Jimmy Goodman's home. Jimmy has been a technician working for Sunbelt Rentals for the past 10 years. He and his family had been living in a home with no running water, no heat but a wood stove, and their only means of cooking was a microwave oven. Jimmy not only completed his required hours of "sweat equity" building his own home, but he also volunteered to help with the building of a home for others.

Just as I had questioned why anyone would volunteer for this fundraiser my friends began asking me that same question after I volunteered to participate. They wanted to know if I had ever done this before, was I in an airborne unit when I served in Vietnam,was it something that I had always wanted to do, or was it something that I had recently added to my bucket list. The answer to all of those questions is no. This was not something I wanted to do or had ever thought about doing. I just thought about Jimmy and all of the other families that have their own stories and reasons why they need a helping hand.

I also realized, when I read the e-mail that the event was to take place only four days after my 70th birthday which is April 16th. I thought maybe folks would be encouraged to make a donation to sponsor my skydive to help me celebrate my birthday. I hope by volunteering to participate in this fundraiser that it will be instrumental in raising funds to help with the building of six more homes for needy families during the coming year. My sincere appreciation to all who have already or may in the future make a donation on this site to sponsor my skydive.

 Thank you & God bless.               Charlie Dyson 



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