Japan Disaster Relief with Sakura


Japan Disaster Relief

Japan Disaster Relief with Sakura

* UPDATE 3/22: the giveaway is now closed - thank you everyone! Donations are still accepted and very much appreciated.

 *UPDATED 3/17. Japan has been shaken by a string of earthquakes including a magnitude 9.0 quake that hit the northeasern offshore at 14:46 on Friday 11, March 2011, which caused massive tsunamis that put vast areas under water and fires that burned down towns and plants.  Over five thousand people have been killed and more are missing, with hundreds of thousands of people lost water, power, gas - or houses, or their loved ones,even.  Even to this quake-laden island country that has endured a number of shocks over centuries, this has proven to be the most deadliest in our modern history - and the damages are still spreading.

I am currently in Nagano, a mountaineous countryside located in the heart of the country.  We had our share of quakes, but thankfully my family and I are all well and safe (although we face great uncertainty in a highly fluid situation).  But some of my friends and their families and friends are not, and millions of people are in desparate need of food, shelter and water.


I have set up this little fundraising project in a hope to aid with the relief efforts that are needed to help our country to recover and rebuild, and I would like to invite you to make a contribution, however small or otherwise.

In gratitude for your support and generousity, I, as a Japanese food blogger, would like to give away a few sakura (cherry blossom) baking ingredients to a few of you who have kindly made a donation to this cause.  Cherry blossoms are an epitome of Japanese spring, and one of the most cherrished and loved flowers by the Japanese people.  In the springtime we like to use the blossoms and/or leaves in cooking and baking, and I thought you might like to try them at your home, too.  As I understand it, these items are really difficult to find outside of Japan.

So if you agree to help and would like to have a chance to win a set of sakura baking supplies, enter by making a donation here.  The amount of your contribution will not affect your chance to become one of the lucky winners, who will be selected randomly.   You can donate as much or as little as you'd like, but I would appreciate it if you could be generous to this cause. 

* The details of the sakura baking ingredient set can now be found on my blog she who eats.


To enter sakura (cherry blossom) baking ingredient giveaway :

- Make a donation here, and clearly state that you wish to enter to the giveaway in the comment field. 

- Do not check the "Hide my email address from the page owner" box, or I will not be able to contact you if you win!   Your email addressed will not be used for any other reason than for me to contact you if you are chosen as a winner.

- Please note that only those who live outside of Japan are invited to enter the giveaway.

- The set will contain food items, and while I will try to pick items that should be relatively safe for international shipping and customs clearance, different rules and procedures apply in different countries;  please check what is included in the set on my blog, and if you are unsure if your country's customs may or may not allow food items sent from overseas/Japan, check with the relevant souces first.  On a related note, I will send a set by regular postal mail, shipping paid; yet any customs duties that may be imposed on will need to be paid upon your receiving the package.

Giveaway will be closed on Monday, March 21, 2011. Three winners will then be selected randomly, and announced on my blog within a day or two. The campaign page may be kept open for non-giveaway donations - details will be decided and announced in due course.


And you are of course welcome to make a contribution without entering - it would be most appreciated, too!  If that is the case, simply leave the comment field blank, or otherwise not stating that you wish to enter. 

- Please note that there are small charges for the use of donation system service and credit card processing.  Charges will be either added to, or deduced from, the amount of your donation, depending on whether or not you wish to cover the fees for your donation.  For details, please check the donation page.


Winners will be chosen from among those of you who have made a contribution on this page AND expressed your wish to enter this sakura ingredient giveaway.

Please see my blog post for full details on the giveaway before you decide to make your donation.


Whether or not you are entering the giveaway, thank you very much for your contribution to this cause... and pray for the safety of people in the affected areas and the prompt restoration.  Thank you!




This page is no longer accepting donations