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If I haven't bumped into you lately, here's a quick update:

I moved to Oakland, still working with kids and I am finishing my 2nd year in my fellowship with Citizen Schools. Citizen Schools expands the learning day, makes real-world connections for middle school students and impacts the communities it serves.

I helped launched a new model of educational reform. At United for Success Academy in Oakland, Citizen Schools has extended the school day for every 6th grader to 6pm. The Extended Learning Time model fully integrates the school day with the after school program so that the two work seamlessly. The extra hours each day are invested in homework support, learning 21st century skills, exploring college and career connections as well as apprenticeships taught by Citizen Teacher volunteers.

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Your contribution will bring more supplies to our campus, more resources for our students, and more access to the future.

Thank you for your time.

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